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Are you a CDL driver who has recently gotten a huge fine for an overweight violation?

December 10, 2018

Are you a CDL driver who has recently gotten a huge fine for an overweight violation?Attorney Mike Sherman is a former Pennsylvania State Police Attorney who can make a difference in these cases.

Overweight violations can add up quickly. However, an experienced CDL attorney can help. In many cases, Attorney Mike Sherman was able to negotiate the ticket down to something much more reasonable.

Here is an example of a real case of a client who chose Attorney Mike Sherman:

Overweight Violation- Fines Reduced by 90%
A CDL driver was facing over $30,000.00 in fines for overweight violation. The fine was reduced from $30,000.00 to $3,000.00 and the client never had to attend court.

These violations are often not set in stone and it takes a strong negotiator to get the best results. Attorney Mike Sherman, as a former Pennsylvania State Police attorney, knows both sides of the law and uses that experience to help his CDL clients.

Here is a breakdown of Overweight Fines in PA

Right now, the best thing you can do is call Attorney Sherman at 412-471-5000 and take advantage of his free consultation.

Remember, CDL drivers who can’t afford these absurd fines – Hire former Pennsylvania State Police attorney Mike Sherman

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