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Are you a CDL driver who has been charged with a speeding violation?

CDLAttorney Mike Sherman is a former Pennsylvania State Police Attorney who can make a difference in these cases.

When you are a CDL driver, any mistake you make on the road becomes a serious problem. For a normal driver, a speeding ticket is straightforward – you pay a fine and attend some classes. For a CDL driver, a speeding ticket may end up in you getting suspended and losing your job.

Speeding 15 mph more than the speed limit in a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) is considered a Serious Traffic Offense (STO). Depending on your driving history, this may result in a suspension of your CDL. Imagine having to tell your company that you can’t drive for 2 months. Do you think they will sit around and wait for you or hire someone else?

This is why you need to take this speeding violation very seriously and get professional legal help. Attorney Mike Sherman has been helping truck drivers for years and has successfully helped many of them reduce their fines, reduce their charges, and keep them on road.

Here is an example of a real case of a client who chose Attorney Mike Sherman:

CDL Reckless Driving in a Construction Zone – Charged Reduced

A CDL driver was facing reckless driving for speeding in a construction zone which is a serious traffic offense. The CDL driver saved his job when the charge was reduced to a violation of Obedience to Traffic Control Signals.

Right now, the best thing you can do is call Attorney Sherman at 412-204-4138 and take advantage of his free consultation. Remember, CDL drivers who can’t afford to lose their license hire Mike Sherman

Get Detailed Information on How These Charges Affect Your CDL

For CDL drivers, getting the right information is important. That is why we have put together a CDL Violations Guide to help you understand the charges against you. Just click below to read our guide now.

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Get Detailed Information on How These Charges Affect Your CDL

What is a serious traffic offense (STO)?

The following chart lists the violations that are defined as serious traffic offenses. If you are convicted of any 2 of these serious traffic offenses within a 3 year period, you will be disqualified from driving a CMV for 60 days. If you are convicted of 3 or more serious traffic offenses within a 3 year period, you will be disqualified from driving a CMV for 120 days. Most of these violations must occur in a CMV to count as a STO. However, there are some exceptions as noted below.

Serious Traffic Offense

Federal Description PA Code Section Vehicle Type
Exceeding maximum speed limit 15 mph or more 3362, 3365(b) CMV Personal vehicle (only if the violation occurred in a work zone or school)
Hazardous Grades 3365(c) CMV
Driving recklessly, as defined by state or local law. 3736 CMV or Personal vehicle
Making improper or erratic traffic lane changes. 3304, 3305, 3306(a)(1), 3306(a)(2), 3306(a)(3), 3307, 3309(1), 3309(2), 3309(4) CMV
Following the vehicle ahead too closely. 3310 CMV
Duty of driver in construction and maintenance areas or on highway safety corridors. (This violation is an STO under PA law) 3326 CMV
Violating state or local law relating to motor vehicle traffic control arising in connection with a fatal accident. 3714(b), All other moving violations CMV or personal vehicle, CMV only
Driving a CMV without obtaining a CDL. driving a CMV without a valid CDL in the driver’s possession, driving a CMV without the proper class and/or endorsements. 1606(a)(1), 1606(a)(2), 1606(a)(3), 1501(a) CMV
Texting while driving a CMV. 1621 CMV
Use of a hand-held mobile telephone while driving a CMV. 1622 CMV

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