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Client Testimonials

“Mike handled the entire situation with care and was a complete professional.”

William P.

“You guys were very professional treated me with respect and put my mind at ease.”

Claudia H.

“Very well, great firm. Found online, impressed with Mike and his team.”

Matt S.

“I was treated extremely well and was very comfortable. Best decision I ever made! Referred by a family member.”

Scott T.

“Without Attorney Sherman. I would have 2 DUIs. He is the best and I would recommend anyone to use this knowledgeable Law firm. As a Veteran, I am Well Pleased with the Service Provided! I look at the background. Who wouldn’t hire somebody that teaches other lawyers how to defend against DUI case. Also, one that writes the book about it. Win Win for me!”

David M.

“Treated Well! They Were Courteous and Looked at all the Issues and my needs.”

Herman C.

“Mike was an excellent choice. Professional, understanding, informative, I am very appreciative of his representation. He came highly recommended.”

Christopher M.

“We were comfortable and treated with respect. We felt well represented during our case. Mike Sherman Law was highly recommended to us.”

Morgan P.

“Absolutely confident in choosing Mike Sherman Law. We were immediately made to feel comfortable and that our case was defendable. Mr. Sherman’s background, specifically his work as an attorney with the State Police and authoring the book for the state’s DUI law. Mike also was committed to fighting the charges and ultimately was successful in getting the DUI charge dropped.”

George R.

“Mike did a great job representing me in my case. I feel that he was extremely knowledgeable.”


“He literally wrote the book on DUI. Mike and I have worked on many cases together and I highly recommend him.”


“I searched ads and found Mike Sherman Law and did the research on him and found that he gets the job done for you ! Mike Sherman Law for my case got the job done for me like clock work , he took me through every step of the way with no hassle and made me feel a lot better about my case. They did an excellent job in the time frame that they said it would be done in . I already recommended Mike Sherman Law to a friend and they got the same results !!!!”


“Friendly, knowledgeable, respectful, and I always felt like a priority.”


“Mike Sherman made me feel comfortable despite a very uncomfortable situation. His knowledge of DUI law is incredible, and while he’s attentive and proactive, he’s also realistic. Mr. Sherman helped me understand my position and to reach the best possible outcome. ”

A Satisfied Client

“Mike is a solid DUI attorney.”


“Getting my 2nd DUI charge was definitely a sadtime in my Life. Especially coming only after a year from my last one. Only thing I could think about was losing my Job, not having my drivers license, and what people would think of me. I was so depressed. So I did what anyone would do and that was find the perfect lawyer for me and my case. After looking around I found Attorney Michael Sherman. Someone that taught classes on DUIs, wrote books on DUIs and is rated PRO here on Avvo by his peers. Let me just say, they are right. He is a pro. What better Attorney could you have then having someone that wrote the BOOK! Being a Army Combat Veteran Michael took me under his wing. He knew all the questions to ask and key points to bring up in my case. He even Had the arresting authority shaking in his seat when he was throwing questions at him about the integrity of my pull over. I remember the cop saying inside my preliminary hearing to Mr. Sherman, “you really know what your talking about”, I knew then I chosen the right Lawyer. As my case went on Mr. Sherman found flaws in the officers statement and dashcam videos suggesting the cop had no probable cause to pull me over. He was right , Mr. Sherman found evidence that other attorneys might have missed, and if he would have missed those key facts I could be sitting here on house arrest with a 1 year suspension on my Drivers License and no job. But that’s not the case. After a few months of court dates and deliberation the court and the district attorney agreed to Drop my charge. All thanks to Mr. Sherman and his law firm!! I never felt so happy And relieved in my life! I couldnt believe I walking out of that court room with no DUI charge! I bet the judge was even thinking how this happen haha. Putting my trust in Attorney Michael Sherman was the best thing I could have done. And I mean it when I say “He’s worth every penny!” When the future of your near life is in jeopardy money means nothing when choosing the right Attorney. Michael Sherman is that RIGHT attorney for any DUI case and I will always refer people to him and his law firm. I am so thankful to have chosen Attorney Michael Sherman and his Law firm. Without them I wouldnt be where I’m at today. I Still got my Job and my Drivers License! Very Happy Veteran! Thank You Attorney Michael Sherman for all that you done for me! You really do give back to America’s military and its veterans. Thank you!”


“I was facing 2 DUI’s within a 3 year time period. Attorney Michael Sherman along with his office staff are a team of professional, knowledgeable and skilled experts. With my first one that Attorney Sherman assisted me with he proved to be the cutting edge in DUI defense, we hired an expert to defend the blood results for BAC, we won the case in court and had everything dropped to a favorable outcome. The 2nd DUI was a much different story that I knew to be false, with myself facing this charge my life was in jeopardy along my job and everything else that I worked so hard for; so I turned to Mike once again after everything with the first was settled and put behind me. I trusted Mike so much with his previous experience that I knew he would get me the results I asked for, during the 9 month period that it went on for Mike requested the discovery of the police video, breathe and blood tests. He filed a motion solely due to the commonwealth not having enough evidence to convict me and that everything after the traffic stop was of an illegal nature. The officers affidavit of probable cause did not match what we saw on the video and the video proved to be in our defense along with other flaws, Mike and I went to court knowing what the outcome could be, once the court received our written motion the Judge and DA dropped and dismissed all charges. I was more than thrilled of the outcome. Everything that I had asked of Mr. Sherman was met with professionalism and in the end he got me the result I wanted in both cases that I hired him for. He gave me a clean slate at a fresh beginning with no black marks. I consider Mike a true friend. He is very honest and will tell you straight forward how he thinks your case will go, he and his office staff will keep you informed every step of the way from start to finish. If you are looking for a honest, trustworthy attorney who will work for you and get you the best result in DUI defense, look no further than Mike Sherman Law. Well done!”


“I was facing a 2nd DUI offense, highest tier. As a prominent businessman in a small south central Pennsylvania community, a conviction on this offense would have been devastating to my career. I, immediately, did an intensive Internet search for DUI attorneys. Several names showed up but one name stood out: Mike Sherman Law. I called and, initially, discussed my case with Mike McFarland, Mr. Sherman’s extremely capable associate. Mr. McFarland listened intently to my story and indicated that they could help. My preliminary hearing was scheduled but at this point I was still unaware what my BAC was. At the preliminary hearing, I was told it was .178. I knew that there was something terribly wrong with the reading. Mr. Sherman indicated that I had two options: Plea and receive a reduced sentence or go to trial and use an expert witness to challenge the reading. After a lot of thought, I chose to go to trial.

Mr. McFarland and Mr. Sherman, immediately went to work. Retaining one of the premier lab audit experts in the country, retaining the services of a board-certified emergency medicine physician, obtaining background information on the police officer (DUI training, number of DUI arrests, etc.), filing motions to suppress the blood alcohol evidence which the state was using against me. It was as Mr. Sherman stated it would be, “an uphill climb all the way”.

After 3 long and tense hours of arguing, cross-examining and presenting evidence, I heard the words “Not Guilty”. Mr. McFarland’s and Mr. Sherman’s preparation and skill in the court room made all the difference. The experts who they retained were leaders in their respective fields and their fees were extremely reasonable. If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine and you want the best possible outcome, then there really is only one name you need to know: Mike Sherman Law.”


“I give a very high recommendation to Attorney Mike Sherman and his entire staff! Over the 1 ½ year time period it took to navigate the legal system to bring my case to completion, they have been very professional , and were very willing to answer any questions and help me understand the issues that came up during this time.

In the end, through the expertise of Attorney Mike Sherman, all charges against me were dropped before this went to trial.”

A Satisfied Client

“I contacted Michael about 10 months ago after researching hundreds of lawyers as my case was unique and I knew I needed the best. My case was almost 14 yrs old. I was accused of a DUI and several other misdemeanor charges that I felt were not legitimate.

For years I was scared, confused and lost as to what steps to take next to resolve a pending case . Im a business man in the community and could not have this become an issue that could affect my job or even worse end with jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, embarrassment and the list goes on.

I called Michael and he immediately dropped what he was doing and made time for me to come down and see him.
He saw that I was an emotional wreck and proceeded to calm me down and help me understand the process even before we discussed the details of the case.
After getting all pertinent information from me he said “just let me handle it and go on with your life, I will contact you soon”. I did.
Shortly after I was contacted by Michael telling me exactly what needed to be done and how we should proceed. Even after that call he made a prior lawyer I hired look as if he never practiced law. I needed a lawyer that will fight for my liberties and excel with a challenge…this 100% was Attorney Sherman!

After a few hearings Mike got my case to be completely dismissed…yes a dismissal of a 14yo case!!! His vast knowledge was so compelling that the court couldnt even argue and they knew if they did they would lose at trial.
In the end I had No jail, none, no penalties of any kind and most importantly his team follows through to help with the expungement process.
Thanks Michael for being the ultimate professional and getting the absolute best results. I would without hesitation recommend your services to anyone who finds themselves in the place I was in.
If you’re reading this review then you have found your lawyer…look no further!!

Thank you!!!!”

A Satisfied Client

“About a year ago, I was charged with my second DUI. As a result, I reached out to Mike Sherman, who had represented me for my first DUI some years before. The first thing I remember Mike telling me was “Even good people can make mistakes. We will take care of you and stay positive!”

The stakes for a second DUI are very high. I would advise anyone who find themselves in that situation, or even a first offense, to reach out to Mike and his team right away. Don’t wait!

Because it was my second offense, I faced 30 days house arrest, a one year driving license suspension and almost certain loss of my job. My whole quality of life was at stake. After discussing my specific circumstances with Mike, he recognized that I was in trouble, however, assured me that he would do everything within his ability and within the law to fight for me without ever giving me any false hope.

Mike knows the law inside and out. That is without question. I would encourage anyone in a situation described above to consult with Mike Sherman. Most importantly, and no matter how bad the situation is, you must maintain a positive attitude.

Over the last 12 months, I used what could have been a negative life changing situation into a positive one, and a lot of that is because of Mike Sherman’s & Mike McFarland’s counsel and support.”

A Satisfied Client

“Highly recommended! Attorney Sherman always returned phone calls, answered all my questions, and made me feel calm about my case. If I ever find myself or a loved one in any trouble there’s no other attorney I would even consider!”


“Attorney Michael Sherman along with his associate Michael McFarland saved my life. I made a stupid mistake a few years prior and now I was facing my second DUI. I make my living driving, so if convicted I would have lost my drivers license for a year which meant I would have lost my house and my life as I know it. Mr. Sherman was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about all aspects of DUI law. He attacked every angle of my DUI stop and arresting officer. It was a long road, but in the end Mr. Sherman convinced the DA and the judge to acquit me of the charges before my trial even started. I would recommend Mike and his team to anyone facing DUI charges. There are different aspects to every case, but if your freedom and privileges are at stake you can’t afford not to hire Attorney Michael Sherman.”


“I highly recommend Attorney Mike Sherman. I was charged with DUI and originally hired a different attorney. My first attorney tried to convince me to simply plead guilty even though I had told her from the beginning that I refused to do that and I wanted (and paid) to go to trial. I ended up firing her on the day of the scheduled trial, since she was not prepared and was still trying to get me to accept a plea. That is when I found Attorney Sherman. I called him in a complete panic and he instantly gained my trust and set my mind at ease. I actually hired him over our first phone conversation. My case was already almost 3 years old at that point with no results, only constant postponements. Attorney Sherman had very little time to prepare before my next court date. He was extremely thorough and paid attention to small details of my case which had been overlooked by everyone previously involved in my case. As it turned out, those small details Attorney Sherman focused on were the key to the truth of my situation. Attorney Sherman ultimately won my case without us even having to go to trial! My nightmare of over 3 years was finally over thanks to Attorney Sherman. He did all of the work in just a couple short months. I honestly cannot thank him or recommend him enough. He is an outstanding attorney, whom you can trust completely to handle your case thoroughly with confidence, excellence & utmost respect for the client. I absolutely, confidently, recommend hiring Attorney Mike Sherman for your case.”


“Michael Steven Sherman was worth every penny. Me and my boyfriend were extremely impressed with Mr. Sherman. He was upfront on all scenarios and his first instinct was right. He got the DUI dismissed in the first half hour of court. He is worth every penny, if not more. I highly recommend you hire this man and let him be in your corner. I know I will recommend him to anyone and everyone in the area. Thank you again Mr. Sherman we really appreciate your help in this sensitive matter!!”


“I was facing my second DUI after abnormal stop, mike and his firm worked every angle possible to ensure the case was dismissed. Mike gave me 100% effort during my case and consistently kept in touch while representented me when i could not be present due to my busy work schdual. I would recomend mike to anyone who would like to represented by a lawyer that truely cares about there client.”

A Satisfied Client

“Hired Mike for a 1st dui offense. I would have lost my CDL if I had been convicted and ultimately lost my job. As the breadwinner for my family this was very scary. I previously hired another lawyer who had advised me to take ARD and told me I would not be able to beat the dui charge. I decided to have Mike represent me as my case progressed through the system, and it was the best decision I could have made. Mike was able to not only able to overturn the Dui charge, but also made it so I walked away with a clean criminal record. I walk away from my hearing with a fine and probation.”

A Satisfied Client

“When my husband was charged with a 3rd tier DUI last year, needless to say, we were in complete turmoil. My husband’s work requires him to maintain a CDL and the notion of losing it and potentially his job was overwhelming. Everything he had worked so long and hard for was at risk. I made appointments with several lawyers and started researching as much as I could on each of them. Michael’s credentials were so impressive he stood apart from all the rest, and frankly, I was ready to hire him before the interview. Our meeting with Michael came last and there was no comparison. The other lawyers advised us that ARD and sacrificing the CDL was the best option while Michael immediately started reviewing the police report looking for ways to defend my husband. We were so impressed with his strategy and the way he proceeded to pick apart the details of the arrest…he wanted to fight and we felt confident we had found the right attorney!

I am thrilled to say Michael resolved the case with no DUI charge at all! Michael’s expertise in DUI defense coupled with his professionalism is why my husband is free of this nightmare.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Sherman came highly recommended to me by a couple of people. He discussed my case with me thoroughly, he gave me the best advice he could, and was very personal as well as professional. When it came to deliver in court room he brought out all the points we discussed and more. His motions, fact finding, and case sightings were outstanding. I felt prepared for what I was facing and like I had a friend representing me. Thanks Mike!”

A Satisfied Client

“Mike is extremely knowledgeable. I was facing some serious charges related to my DUI and he was able to get most of them dropped or reduced. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of my trail.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was facing my third DUI charge within ten years. My third charge was at the lowest end of the scale from a breath analyzer. I watched the machine fail in front of me twice. I had a case here I wanted to fight. My previous lawyer was one who always wanted to plea. I hired Mike and he was a god send for me. He proved to me to be cutting edge knowledge for DUI cases. Mike steered me in the right direction.. Mike hired Jimmie L. Valentine for an expert. Mr. Valentine’s findings on reviewing my case were very impressive. In the end the prosecution did reduce my charges to just traffic tickets. Without Mike’s expertise I do not think my case would have turned out for my favor so well. Mike is a super nice guy. You give him a chance his knowledge will prove well for you!”


“I was facing my third DUI and a year in state prison. My future was looking very bleak. However, unlike the contemptible attorneys I’ve hired in the past who simply take your money and plea you out, Attorney Mike Sherman, and attorney Nick, challenged the prosecutions evidence against me. With the added help of an expert witness, Mike had my penalties reduced to time served (I did 21 days of inpatient rehab at Greenbriar) and 6 months probation. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Funny story, Mike even had the police officer who arrested me saying he would hire Mike if he was ever in trouble. Without a doubt it was difficult going through this near 2 year long process, but Mike kept me informed every step of the way, which helped put me at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike to anyone going through a similar experience. Hands down, hiring Mike was the best decision I could have made.”


“After I got my DUI I interviewed quite a few lawyers and Mr. Sherman stood out just from talking to him. During the court proceedings he was extremely knowledgeable and quick on his feet. During the deliberations he and Nick were well researched and constantly prepared. In the end the judge dismissed the case due solely to their arguments, in what was an unlikely case.”


“Attorney Sherman and his office promptly returned my messages, answered my questions, and responded to all my concerns. Sherman law helped me to achieve a better result than I expected.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Sherman is a highly talented and down to earth attorney. He was pivotal to my husband’s DUI case. We were scared and didn’t know the legal process. Mr. Sherman explained the details we needed to know and guided us through each step of the case in a non-judgmental manner. I hope we never have another issue. But, if we do, he is the only one I would hire. I have also recommended him to others who were very satisfied with his services, too.”

A Satisfied Client

“Absolutely phenomenal lawyer. He was hired to assist with a third DUI offense and helped SEVERELY lower the punishment associated with the case. I was looking at potential jail time and the risk of losing my job. He helped to ensure that wouldn’t happen by striking a bargain that reduced the sentence from a potential year in jail to six months of house arrest.

He was extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter, and kept me updated the entire way through. I cannot recommend Mike Sherman enough!”

A Satisfied Client

“Attorney Sherman defended my brother. After our first meeting with him we were confident that we had made the right choice.

He was always respectful and professional when dealing with not only my brother but all individuals involved in my brothers case.

I was not always able to be present for my brother at all hearings. Attorney Sherman’s support of my brother during those times were greatly appreciated. He consistently kept me apprised of the progress of the case either by e-mail or telephone.

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the case and are grateful for his many hours of dedicated work and effort put forth for my brother’s case.

Attorney Sherman is a superb lawyer and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of one.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Sherman was very attentive. He defended my nephew that was on his third DUI charge and alcohol level was at the highest level. He was looking at automatic jail time and extremely high fine. With his experience he was able to get a reduced sentenced based on my nephew’s willingness to get back on the right track. I lived out of state and he took time to answer all my questions and contact me after each step to let me know the progress. I know if we had not had him as our lawyer my nephew would be in jail.”


“I am a professor at a local university and when one of my kids was arrested for a DUI I did not know who to turn to because I was not prepared for (or expecting) such a situation. I did a search and was really impressed with Mike Sherman’s experience on “both sides” of the court system – as a state police attorney and as a defense attorney. I also thought that it was great that he was a co-author of the “PA Driving Under the Influence” book. When I spoke with Mike I was pleasantly surprised that he even understood how chromatographs used for blood alcohol content measurements worked and were calibrated. When we met it was clear to me that we made a good decision – Mike was on time for our meeting, he knew exactly what was going on with respect to the charges, he walked us through all of the possible scenarios, and he objectively gave advice on all the options that we had. Throughout the process Mike returned calls and emails and answered all of my questions concerning times and dates, fines and fees, penalties and what to expect at the hearings that were coming up. He was able to vigorously defend my child while at the same time making it clear that driving under the influence had very serious consequences.

As we went through the various hearings and meetings it was obvious that Mike was respected by the prosecutors and judges, and that he was respectful to them even when arguing the various aspects of the case in the courtroom. In our case, after Mike carefully questioned the officer, it was clear to my family and Mike that some of the physical evidence associated with my child’s arrest was not in agreement with that testimony, so I quickly agreed with Mike that we should appeal the ruling. I actually read the documents and arguments and saw the numerous citations to supporting cases in the appeal documents; again Mike did a great job. Unfortunately, we had another DUI incident occur during this process, and Mike was able to calmly and rationally walk us through the consequences. I had never even heard of DUI court, but Mike was able to explain what it was and plainly explain to my child what was required in their behavior for an Allegheny County resident to become and remain eligible for this option.

During this entire time, I have found Mike to be a mature, intelligent, resourceful, good-hearted, well respected lawyer. He is easy to talk to, he is capable of clearly explaining how the judicial system works, his fees are very fair, and he even responds well to email questions! He has been a great advocate, and I have absolutely no reservations in recommending him to you for yourself or a family member that you may be trying to help.”


“I was arrested for a 3rd DUI within 10 years. I met with a couple of attorneys before I decided to hire Mike Sherman. I was looking at a 1 year prison term mandatory under the minimum sentencing guidelines for PA. I own several businesses and I knew my life would be over if I had to serve a prison term. Everything I worked for would be destroyed. I explained to Mike my concerns and he was very understanding. I actually served 3 months in jail for my 2nd DUI, so I was almost certain this DUI would also be a jail sentence. Mike was able to negotiate house arrest for a year with working privileges instead of a prison term. Under the circumstances, this was the best possible scenario for me. I am glad I hired Mike as my attorney as I saw firsthand that others that got arrested for a 3rd DUI were actually serving prison sentences. I am serving my house arrest now and I will always be grateful to Mike for helping me out of this disaster. If you are arrested for a DUI, do not take a chance with any attorney. I would recommend at least talking to Mike before you decided on which attorney to hire.”

A Satisfied Client

“Nineteen months ago I was charged with DUI second offense. Michael Sherman proved to be an expert DUI attorney. Mr. Sherman’s DUI knowledge and trial experience was effective in a not guilty verdict in my case. I strongly recommend consulting Mr. Sherman before pleading guilty to any DUI.”

A Satisfied Client

“Michael Sherman helped me out more then words can explain. As a Florida resident I needed much more assistance then an average client, and Michael never hesitated to assist. He was always quick to respond and very comfortable to talk to about even the most personal issues. Great lawyer, and an extremely classy guy.”


“As I received a letter in a mail from Michael Sherman after my DUI arrest. Lost and confused on where to start with my hearing coming up, so I eventually decided to give him a last minute call (in tears), as I was in the neighborhood. Three minutes later, I am in his office, face to face with him, discussing the outcomes of my case. I thought it was incredibly sincere with how he invited to me his office on a whim like that. I mean, hardly anyone is courteous like that anymore these days. Believe it or not, he listened to me earnestly without any judgment, for I was very embarrassed about my case. Not only was I highly impressed with his professionalism and his knowledgable skill as DUI attorney, but more so with his considered opinion on how he predicted my case would turn out if I didn’t hire him. As convincing as he sounded, right then and there, I automatically wanted to hire him as he had also given me a very reasonable quote considering my circumstances in life at the moment, but unfortunately, I still couldn’t come up with the funds. Anyways, guess what!!!! Mr. Sherman was 110% correct in his predictions of the ending results of my case. Boy, did I sure wish he had represented me. In other words, even though I didn’t hire him, he does without a doubt know his stuff unquestionably well and I definitely recommend Mr. Sherman, if you have the money. I can guarantee, it would be money well spent, since it is your life in the end after all. However, by the grace of God, the cop who arrested me, eventually dropped two of my charges (they weren’t good ones) when I wanted to go trail to counter his claim of lies and I was just lucky to get stuck with a DUI of a lessor charge. Phew!!!”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Sherman kept me informed every step of the way. He was very thorough in covering every aspect of my case. The case went on for a while, but his encouragement never faltered. Without him I would never had such a positive experience or outcome with the courts. I would highly recommend Mr. Sherman to anyone in need of his services.”

A Satisfied Client

“I am a former client of Michael Sherman and I would highly recommend this man.

First off, I had a DUI charge that I knew to be false and I wanted to fight it. Before arriving at Mr. Sherman’s office I had visited and spoke with a few other lawyers. Mr. Sherman was the only one that truly listened to my testimony and recommended for me to challenge the charges and take it to court. Every other lawyer told me that I could get house arrest which in no way was what I was looking for. To be frank, I had a very long and challenging case. Mike was always there to answer my questions (I had alot) and also was polite and answered questions that my parents had as well. My case went on for almost a year and a half and I have to admit I started losing faith. Mr. Sherman was there to pick me up when I was down and continued to remind me what I was fighting for. Without his knowledge and enthusiasm I might have taken a plea deal. I was facing 6 months of house arrest and a loss of my license for 18th months. When my case finally went in front of the judge I was blown away with Mike’s knowledge. He is an unbelievable trail lawyer. After a year and half and countless trips to the court room Mike got all of my charges dismissed on account that I was not in physical control of the vehicle. If you are in a tight spot and want an attorney that truly has your best interest and will fight for you Mr. Sherman is the lawyer for you.”

A Satisfied Client

“When I hired Mike Sherman, 2 other lawyers told me there was nothing I could do to fight my case. They told me to plead guilty. Mr. Sherman told me he couldn’t guarantee the outcome but we at least had a chance if we hired an expert to fight the blood test result. I feel I wasn’t drunk and I had witnesses with me to prove it. I hired an expert and when the state got the expert’s report, the case was dismissed. I strongly recommend Mike Sherman if you need a defense lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“I did not hire Mr. Sherman but would recommend him to anyone as he was prompt in returning my inquiry, helpful and thorough in assessing my particular situation and directing me to the appropriate services. My particular needs were not his specialty, however I was quite impressed with him!”


“Attorney Sherman was honest and extremely knowledgeable in the handling of my case. I appreciate someone who gets to the point without sugarcoating the truth and that is exactly what you get with Attorney Sherman. Down to earth and honest explanantion of possible outcomes, best case scenarios, and step by step contact to keep me informed of what would happen with the case. The process of going through a DUI is not easy by any stretch but having an excellent attorney made it less painful to handle and still get results that were significantly less than anticipated.”


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent representation. I could not of wished for a better outcome. This is such a great peace of mind. I feel like a new life has started over. Thank you for taking my case. I will recommend you to anyone I hear of who gets a DUI.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was facing my 3rd DUI. I was at risk of losing my job, my house and my whole world. I found Attorney Mike Sherman online and arranged to meet with him to discuss the details of my predicament. From the very beginning, Attorney Sherman was very understanding. He was not judgmental, and was very welcoming and kind. He walked me through, step by step, as he prepared my case. Even though this was my third DUI he did not pass judgment on me.

I was charged in July 2010. The DA’s office kept continuing my case month after month, hoping to frustrate and discourage us from fighting the charges. Attorney Sherman never fell for their tricks and saw my case through to the end. It was not until October 2012, that it all came to an end. During these two years we went to court several times, Mike also appeared on my behalf a few times. (He understands you have to work, if you don’t need to be there he will let you know).

His expertise, experience and background of the DUI Laws and court system is second to none. He believed in me and he believed in my case. He investigated every possible avenue before deciding on a strategy to challenge my DUI charge. Mike attained an expert witness and the evidence to prove the inaccurate procedures/ problems with the testing devices used by the crime lab in testing my blood sample. As a result, my case ended in a Nolle Prosse (an admission that the charges cannot be proved, that evidence has demonstrated either innocence or a fatal flaw in the prosecution’s claim).

Mike’s skills, ability, knowledge and experience are exceptional. After all he used to work for the other side as an attorney for the PA State Police. These qualities combined with his efforts to do his very best for his client gave me the best representation I could possibly have had. He is highly skilled and comfortable presenting/explaining the facts and evidence in the courtroom. He was always organized, prepared and never once became unsettled by the DA’s remarks. If anything, the DA appeared apprehensive by Attorney Sherman’s expertise and calm, yet confident demeanor. As evidenced by the DA’s petition for Nolle prosse.

My previous experiences with lawyers and the court system have been less then favorable. I’ve always been encouraged to take the plea offer but that wasn’t the case with Mike. He encouraged me to fight the charges and in the end we won. My charges were dismissed.

Hiring Attorney Mike Sherman was the best decision I could have made. I recommend his services to everyone and encourage you to listen and take his advice. It’s the best out there.”


“Being charged with a DUI is embarrassing and overwhelming for someone with no criminal history. Mike Sherman eased my mind. He was very understanding and armed me with information about each step in the process. I knew Mike was working on my side and would certainly work with him again in the future.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was facing a very hefty DUI charge with a case that included many complicating factors. If convicted of the DUI, I would have lost my job and likely have had a very large black mark on my record. Attorney Sherman was always positive and always told me everything was going to be fine. When we went to court he was persistent in talking with the prosecutor and never backed away. When we went before the judge, attorney Sherman successfully challenged the validity of the charges against me, and the case was subsequently dismissed. I am still in awe at the result and would recommend attorney Sherman to anyone who is found in a similar situation. His fees were reasonable; he always answered my questions in a positive way and had a positive attitude towards helping me through my situation. He always assured me that I would be fine in the end, and tried to dismiss my fears. I greatly appreciate his efforts and will always be grateful for his excellent legal talents.”


“Mr. Sherman provided me with the most professional representation. He kept me informed and provided me with information in every aspect of my situation. His knowledge of the law in DUI cases was above and beyond my expectations. Without reservation, he has my highest respect and I would recommend him highly.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was arrested for my first DUI offense and my friends and the cops told me not to get a lawyer. I talked to about 5 lawyers and they told me to just take ARD. I called Mike Sherman and he met with me and looked at my paper work. He was able to get my blood level lowered so I only had a 30 day license suspension instead of a 60 day suspension. I’m glad I hired Mike Sherman and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a DUI lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“Michael helped my family and I through a very difficult period in my life. He was very knowledgeable of the situation i was involved in. He kept me very informed of his decisions pertaining too the case. My case went to trial, Michael dazzled the judge with his professionalism and strong court room presence. I ended up being found NOT guilty. on all charges. Michael exceeded expectation”

A Satisfied Client

“I hired Mike Sherman for my DUI case.I also had a PennDOT refusal case. Mike won the refusal case and got the D.A. not to give me a license suspension in my DUI. I recommend him without hesitation.”

A Satisfied Client

“I have a CDL license. I was charged with my 1st DUI. Another lawyer told me to take ARD. I went to Mr. Sherman for a 2nd opinion. He told me I would lose my CDL for 1 year if I took ARD. He was able to get the DUI changed to another charge so I wouldn’t lose my license. I highly recommend Mr. Sherman but I hope I never need him again.”

A Satisfied Client


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