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DUI cases are serious business, and they may turn out well when you put up a strong defense. Some attorneys may claim that their relationships with judges or prosecutors can help your case. That’s not going to happen. What you need is an expert team who understands DUI law, the science behind the case against you, and how to successfully defend your case in the courtroom. You’ll find that team at Mike Sherman Law.

Genuine Solutions

When we take your case, we’re dedicated to seeing it through and getting you the best possible outcome. If possible, we’ll aim for an acquittal that will return your life to normal and protect your reputation. But it’s not all or nothing. Where an acquittal isn’t possible, we’ll do everything we can to minimize the negative impact of your DUI charge on your life. Whether it’s keeping your license or reducing your license suspension, reducing fines and penalties, or protecting your business or family interests, we’ll focus on what’s most important to you.

Breadth & Depth of Experience

Years in the field are important, and we’ve got over 30 of them under our belt. But Mike Sherman’s experience in PA DUI law goes beyond the norm. DUI cases make up nearly 100% of our legal practice. While Mike continues his education by attending some of the most esteemed seminars in the country (including the prestigious summer session of the National College of Criminal Defense held at Harvard Law School), he also gives continuing legal education lectures to other attorneys about DUI defense. And we’ve been seasoned by years in the trenches, having defended hundreds of DUI cases throughout Western Pennsylvania. You can hire Mike Sherman, the teacher with years of courtroom experience, or you can hire one of the students.

Our Clients — and Other Attorneys — Recommend Us

DUI defense is a competitive field. But, whether through books or seminars, many other attorneys have learned the ropes from Mike Sherman. Endorsements from these attorneys and testimonials from our past clients have empowered us to achieve a 10.0 AVVO rating. This important rating system evaluates the credentials of professionals to make it easier for individuals to hire truly effective representation. Even more valuable than the numeric score, their words stand testament to our success in serving clients who’ve faced DUI charges.

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