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When you hire a lawyer, he or she should be there for you. The Mike Sherman Law Firm is focused on DUI cases in the Pittsburgh region. So you won’t catch us driving all over the state, racking up cases and pleading clients guilty. We will stay dedicated to you throughout the duration of your case, and you’ll always be able to reach us.

We’re Courtroom Lawyers

On the day of court, Mike Sherman and his associates will be standing right next to you, devoting all of our professional resources to your case. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, Mike and his associates are comfortable in the courtroom. Our aim is to share that sense of security with you. And we will be dressed like professionals, too. Mike Sherman Law will give you the representation you deserve because we have the right experience and your best interests at heart.

We Aim for Acquittals

My goal in representing you is to achieve the best possible outcome. Since I’ve seen both sides of DUI law, I have a great deal of insight into what makes up a case. I intimately understand the evidence and arguments that could get you convicted or result in an acquittal.

Sometimes, the outcome of your case could hinge on a scientific point only an expert could properly consider. That’s why I engage expert witnesses when necessary to refute the evidence presented against you. These scientific scenarios are just some of the bases that individuals are unable to cover in their own defense. I know when these measures are required, and having this expertise in your corner is invaluable as you face a DUI charge.

There are plenty of reasons to have Mike Sherman and his associates standing next to you in court. But the big picture is pretty simple. We’ll aim for the best possible outcome, pull out all the stops, and do what it takes to get your life back to normal.

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